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Friday, April 24, 2020

स्वयं की पेंशन का विवरण देखें (Know about your pension detail) pension ppo number search by name

स्वयं की पेंशन का विवरण देखें (Know About Your Pension Detail) Pension PPO Number Search By Name

*This Step All State Citizen
1. Click on the Know about your pension detail  
2. After clicking it will open windows.

3.Bank Acc.No. Search select and a/c number fill up, Click on        the submit button.

4. After Clicking Submit, Details as per Bank A/c No. show.


*This step only Rajasthan Resident

1. Click On The (Know About Your Pension Detail)

2. Choose the given type.
3. Enter your application code or Aadhaar number or SRDR          number,, click search button.

4. Such profile show will be done in front of you, here you will get pension ppo number and other details.